Frank Simon
The Plains
Co Roscommon

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sample listen iconPaddy's Rambles Through The Park
sample listen iconTom Steel, Ormond Sound (Reels)
sample listen iconDoherty's Favourite, Tom Busby's, Stolen Purse (Jigs)
sample listen iconJim Mc Killips, Gan Ainm (Reels)
sample listen iconSporting Paddy, The Wheels of the World (Reels)
sample listen iconThe Kesh Jig, The Bird's Eye View (Jigs)
sample listen iconKilty Town, The Twelve Pins (Reels)
sample listen iconThe Storekeeper, The Tamlin (Reels)
sample listen iconThe Southwest Wind, The Petticoat Loose (Jigs)
sample listen iconPaddy Killoran's (Reel)
sample listen iconHamy Hamiltons, The Feather Hammer (Jigs)
sample listen iconThe Plains of Boyle, Times of Joy (Hornpipes)
sample listen iconLord MacDonalds (Reels)
Isles of Lough Key (Song)sample listen icon
Una Bhan (Slow Air)sample listen icon
Eileen O Grady (Irish Air)sample listen icon
Paddy's Guitar (Irish Air)sample listen icon
Lark in the Clear Air (Air)sample listen icon